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                  Production Capacity

            We are well equipped with High Speed Milling machine and normal CNC milling machine,EDW with two heads,EDW and others advance equipments. with advanced CAD/CAM/CAE design, we have the capability to produce  Auto  Moulds like Auto Lamp (auto lights) Mould,Auto Grille Mould and Rear View Mirror ,Bumper Mould  etc--especially In Auto Rear View Mirrror Mould,Auto Lamp Mould,Auto Grille Mould and precision moulds for cable ties,Younger Mould with it""s deep technology in mould processing ,experts in quality control.Professional mould engineers will check the full manufacturing process of your mould, make sure that your mould are made exactly according to your requirements,supervise and urge production department schedule to make sure that your mould will be delivered on time, and Update you weekly reports and digital pictures of your mould.

                                                                        R&D Capacity
            We have lots of experiences in this field over 20 years,evry year we made more than 300 sets Auto Bumper Mould,Auto Lamp Mould,Auto Grile Mould,Washing Machine Moulds,As our Professional technology,we have gotten a very good reputation for our reliability in this field. In addition,. Due to the high-class quality, reasonable price and good after service, we have already gotten many domestic and foreign customers' recognition and trust.

            We believe our success depends on our customers' success, So we will help you to save your cost, time, and keep up with high quality to improve your competitive advantage

            We sincerely welcome you to our company for a visit and for the cooperation negotiation.

            Quality Control
            Yonger Mould operation complies with ISO9001 instruction and requirements, uses documented quality system to control every process of design, production and quality check efficiently. We have established separate QA departments which are independent of production / design departments, set standard QA/QC procedures for each step of raw-material purchasing, production, assembly, packing and shipment then ensure customer get the best products and service.but we have special technology in Auto Bumper Mould,Auto Lamp Mould,Auto Grile Mould,TV Mould and Auto cable ties precision mould making, the method of quality control also different.

            What we do always focuses on customers'need:

            Many years mold making & molding experiences

            Plastic Molds & Products
            Material: ABS, PC, PP, PVC, POM, PE, PET, PU, Nylon, PA+Fiberglass,
            Dimension Standard: ASTM, JIS, BS, DIN, EN, ISO
            Mold standard: DME HASCO

            Process: Tool-making (export molds as per customer's requirements)

            1) According to buyer's product drawing and mold specification such as mold material, runner type, number of cavity, gate type, slide and its movement, as well as injection machine information if possible.
            2) Or according to buyer samples we manufacture.
            3) Or according to buyer concept and main function we design and manufacture.
            4) Supply layout drawings for buyer's approval.
            5) Supply injection samples for buyer's approval.

            Our process has the following features:
            Weekly emailed written updates, including issues list and photos
            Consistent tracking of tool build milestones
            Clear and frequent communications
            Clear documentation

            Written approval by our customer is required at these three stages:
            Mold design approval
            Sample approval
            Mold delivery and approval

            When your mold is completed and delivered, you are not only get the mold,but also receive:

            Final 2D and / or 3D files

            Final drawings

            Trial results, including first shots

            Spare parts with moulds

            Engineering suggestions available if customer need

            You provide the requirements, and we deliver low cost, high quality molds, on time, while keeping you updated weekly with written reports



            Younger Mould Factory is specialize in Design and manufacturing Auto  Moulds like Auto Lamp (auto lights) Mould,Auto Grille Mould and Rear View Mirror ,Bumper Mould  etc--especially In Auto Rear View Mirrror Mould,Auto Lamp Mould,Auto Grille Mould and some others precision mould for cable ties .
            1.Production Capacity
            2.R&D Capacity
            3.Quality Control


            ADD:No 305#,XinJiang Road,XinQian Town,HuangYan,TaiZhou,ZheJiang,China.   PC:318020
            Contact Person:Mr Daniel   0086-0-13968525579         Mr Andy:0086-0-13516869897      Miss Melody:0086-0-
            Website :Http://www.fgjkj.cn         E-mail:youngermould@gmail.com  
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